The Gentleman of Shear Barber Spa Club

Introducing The Barber Surgeon

My name is Kemp, also known as the barber-Surgeon. I am the proud owner of Shear Barber Spa Club. As a barber, groomer, and stylist, I have taken an oath to the the commitment of my duties and services to bring you a top-notch experience when you visit us.

Within the barbering brotherhood and hair grooming industry, I swear to be an essential counselor, friend, family member, advisor, and mentor while servicing men, women, and children. I will uphold my platform with dignity, integrity, and non-bias conduct by displaying equal treatment to individuals of all ages, sexualities, genders, political parties, nationalities, cultures, or religious organizations. I recognize I have a profession that connects many classifications across our world; bridging the poor, middle class, rich, scientists, teachers, military, the mentally ill, gang affiliates, students, doctors, nurses, politicians, lawyers, police, judges, pastors, killers, and the deceased together.

Our Mission and Vow

Barbers have a duty and as influencers, we can help bring change to individuals who require love and acceptance. Throughout history, the barbershop has always set the morale for the community. I’m building a legacy and I vow to be an individual of inspiration in my community. As a representative of the barbershop community, I acknowledge that as a groomsman and master barber, my duties extend beyond providing a haircut. I vow to take the barbering industry torch to the next echelon.